Roadside Poppies in Andalusia by Joan Leotta

Roadside Poppies in Andalusia by Joan Leotta Poppies cluster near the road after cutting wide red swaths through olive groves and pastures. Blood- red, the poppies drape fields and barrows like matador capes, marking, covering, scarred places on the land where blood once flowed. Their beauty makes a bright balm for those lost- in-battle soulsContinue reading “Roadside Poppies in Andalusia by Joan Leotta”

The Fishermen by Lynn White

The Fishermen by Lynn White The wall ran all along one side of the bay, steps up from the port at one end, down to the beach at the other. I climbed up the steps and looked over. So many fish. Huge fish. Swirling silver moons in a day blue sky. A net would haveContinue reading “The Fishermen by Lynn White”

Alone in Barcelona by Ellaraine Lockie

Alone in Barcelona by Ellaraine Lockie I was forewarned about Barcelonian bandits Who specialize in stick-up artistry that rivals the genius in Picasso’s gallery and Gaudí’s buildings But I’m pilfered not by pickpockets But by an Ugly American complex that steals my security That incites anxiety of tyrant talk refusing to recognize any English FanningContinue reading “Alone in Barcelona by Ellaraine Lockie”

Madrid by Jennifer Lagier

Madridby Jennifer Lagier Policía wear blue uniforms, twirl submachine guns,form a mandatory reception line leading to the terminalwhere I’m divested of purse and belt, subjected to a full body scan. In the bullet train coach car, passengers sit, two by two.An attendant pushes a squeaky cart down the narrow aisle,dispenses espresso, newspapers, travel advice. GreenContinue reading “Madrid by Jennifer Lagier”

Spain by Major Jackson

Spainby Major Jackson     for Mark Strand Beneath canopies of green, unionists marched doggedlyoutside The Embassy. Their din was no matchfor light lancing through leaves of madrone treeslining the Paseo then flashing off glossy black Maybachsskidding round a plaza like a monarch fleeing the paparazzi.Your voice skipped and paused like a pencil.Layers of morning pastries flaked gingerlythen fell, softContinue reading “Spain by Major Jackson”