Walls by Shelly Blankman

Wallsby Shelly Blankman Dedicated to the family of my grandmother, Regina Wallenstein, and the millions slaughtered by the Nazis while the world turned a blind eye. I’ve walked these halls before,seen the dimmed faces of thoseborn to die because they were Juden,Jews.Time-tattered images of peoplefrozen in time, matted on wallslike cheap paper.Flammable.DisposableEyes of the innocentContinue reading “Walls by Shelly Blankman”

A Reflection of Beauty in Washington by Jimmy Carter

A Reflection of Beauty in Washington by Jimmy Carter I recall one winter night going to the White House roof to study the Orion nebulae, but we could barely see the stars, their images so paled by city lights. Suddenly we heard a sound primeval in its tone and rhythm coming from the northern sky.Continue reading “A Reflection of Beauty in Washington by Jimmy Carter”

American Colossus by Yvette Viets Flaten

American Colossus by Yvette Viets Flaten Chiseled out of native rock, I don’t expect this seated colossus to spring to life before me. Not in any mobile way. But it’s as if the stone catches breath and his eyes take light, and although I am among a throng, I am not. Just he and I,Continue reading “American Colossus by Yvette Viets Flaten”