The Igloo by Matthew Sweeney

The Igloo by Matthew Sweeney Outside the igloo he waited for an invitation to come inside. There was no knocker, no doorbell. He coughed, there was no reply. He crouched down and peered in. He felt the warm air from a fire pat his cheeks and ruffle his hair. Hello he said quietly and repeated it.Continue reading “The Igloo by Matthew Sweeney”

Snowy Owl Near Ocean Shores by Duane Niatum

Snowy Owl Near Ocean Shoresby Duane Niatum A castaway blown south from the arctic tundrasits on a stump in an abandoned farmer’s field.Beyond the dunes cattails toss and bend as snappyas the surf, rushing and crashing down the jetty. His head a swivel of round glances,his eyes a deeper yellow than the winter sun,he wondersContinue reading “Snowy Owl Near Ocean Shores by Duane Niatum”