Along Lake Michigan by Brad Leithauser

Along Lake Michiganby Brad Leithauser The road abruptly changed to dirt,Thinned until grasses brushedThe car on both sides, and thenEnded in a loop before the marsh.We hiked along an arm of land heldFirm by cedars, the lake breakingLike an ocean on one side,The rippling, flooded wetlands wideAs a lake on the other.You found a broadContinue reading “Along Lake Michigan by Brad Leithauser”

When in Wisconsin Where I Once Had Time by John Engels

When in Wisconsin Where I Once Had Timeby John Engels When in Wisconsin where I once had timethe flyway swans came whistlingto the rotten Green Bay ice and stayed,not feeding, four days, maybe five, I shouted and threw stones to see them fly.Blue herons followed, or came first.I shot a bittern’s wing off with myContinue reading “When in Wisconsin Where I Once Had Time by John Engels”

Driving in Oklahoma by Carter Revard

Driving in Oklahoma by Carter Revard On humming rubber along this white concrete, lighthearted between the gravities of source and destination like a man halfway to the moon in this bubble of tuneless whistling at seventy miles an hour from the windvents, over prairie swells rising and falling, over the quick offramp that drops toContinue reading “Driving in Oklahoma by Carter Revard”