Three Deer in Oquossoc by Sonja Johanson

Three Deer in Oquossoc by Sonja Johanson East will take me back. I drive west. I wend between snowbanks, until the road delivers me to a sleeping boat launch. They stand on the frozen ramp; watch me with coats that are better than mine. Ice houses and snowmobiles edge the distance. I have to turnContinue reading “Three Deer in Oquossoc by Sonja Johanson”

Cold Cabin by David Bachner

Cold Cabin by David Bachner The Maine winter set in. Up until then, we would find isolated places outdoors to make love, our two sleeping bags zipped together. But when it got too cold for that our options were limited: neither of us had a car; all of our friends lived in dorms, like us;Continue reading “Cold Cabin by David Bachner”

Shaker Orchard by Mark Doty

Shaker Orchardby Mark Doty Holding even flowers subjectto the principle of use,the Shakers inventedthe notion of packaged seedsand a steam-powereddistiller for rosewater.They uncluttered roomstill space filledwith Universal Light—white walls, a chest, a chairhung on pegs beside a broomso perfect in its simplicityas to become a pure channel:there was nothing in those linesto impede the flowof theContinue reading “Shaker Orchard by Mark Doty”