Walking Flashes in Eleuthera Bahamas by Hy Sobiloff

Walking Flashes in Eleuthera Bahamas                        Governor’s Harborby Hy Sobiloff When the rain finishedI walked barefoot and slidI walked mostly with myselfPicked wood shapes from the groundThe moisture washed meMy sneakers made a pocket for the stones and piecesI came upon some grassAnd a lovelyContinue reading “Walking Flashes in Eleuthera Bahamas by Hy Sobiloff”

Archipelago by Kendel Hippolyte

Archipelago by Kendel Hippolyte If you really see the Caribbean archipelago, you will see yourself, the vivid scattered islands stirring to awakening in a sea of reverie and nightmare, the goldening light lifting green foliage out of darkness into its illumination and the surrounding blue immensity brooding an unknown creaturing of what can live onlyContinue reading “Archipelago by Kendel Hippolyte”

Caribbean Nights by Richard Butler Glaenzer

Caribbean Nightsby Richard Butler Glaenzer There are too many stars:They jostle;They quarrel with the moonTill she grows sullen. The fireflies are more quiet,More generous;Their little lamps reveal flowersAnd love-looks and smiles. PHOTO: Caribbean island of Curaçao. Photo by Jabneel Statia on Unsplash NOTE: Curaçao is an island country in the southern Caribbean about 40 miles northContinue reading “Caribbean Nights by Richard Butler Glaenzer”