Psalm Above Santa Fe by John Judson

licensed sean pavone

Psalm Above Santa Fe
                        16 March 1987
by John Judson

What is it we
          come to
                    between mountains,

long crests tipped white,
          dusted on their flanks, while
                    light spreads out

before us,
          pouring in our laps,
                    soft as iris tongues,

          the lungs finally
                    filled with a freshness

          because unlooked for:
                    sparse grass,

          announcing in a weathered language
                    something eyes

seem to have known
          before they came to the way
                    called sight.

Even the animals at dusk,
          could we see them stare at us,
                    have such souls.

PHOTO: Sante Fe, New Mexico, at sunset by Sean Pavone, used by permission.

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