On the Osa by Anne Whitehouse

On the Osa by Anne Whitehouse I Into the forest, we follow a river up to a waterfall. Slowly twirling, green and yellow, leaves fall in the heavy air, and from on high a toucan trills thrillingly. Perched on a dead branch, backlit by the sky, we glimpse the bird in profile. Spider monkeys noisilyContinue reading “On the Osa by Anne Whitehouse”

Semuc Champey by Lorraine Caputo

Semuc Champey by Lorraine Caputo The frothing river tumbles over boulders       through crevasses before it disappears under the rock bridge spanning this gorge From the limestone cliffs jungle cascades down to the water’s edge Streams wend through its growth to fill         & fall pool to deep turquoise pool atop theContinue reading “Semuc Champey by Lorraine Caputo”

León by Lorraine Caputo

León by Lorraine Caputo PHOTO: Cathedral of León, Nicaragua (2009). Photo by Brassmaster, used by permission. NOTE: The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, León Cathedral, is an important and historic landmark in Nicaragua. Constructed from  1747 to 1814, the cathedral has maintained its status as the largest cathedral in Central America and one of theContinue reading “León by Lorraine Caputo”

Central America in My Heart by Oscar Gonzales

Central America in My Heartby Oscar Gonzales On this voyage into the deep communion of solitudeI’ve casually come to knowthe old and withered costumes of the sea;I’ve walked carefully through the colors of copperwhen the dusk has already conjured the last prayer of the day;Through seasonal doorwaysI’ve called upon the twilight ghostsarched in the cornersContinue reading “Central America in My Heart by Oscar Gonzales”